Like Hercules in the Bedroom?!

The Brown EP
Monster Truck
Dine Alone Records, 2011
5 tracks / 15:04 minutes

Remember when The Sheepdogs were on the cover of Rolling Stone? Remember how there was a lot of hype about them, and when they dropped their EP Five Easy Pieces there was much critical ink spilled about how it was just retro rock, nothing special and nothing new? But, remember how none of their fans cared and they still rocked out?

You could rewrite those reviews replacing “The Sheepdogs” with “Monster Truck,” but I bet none of their fans would care either.

As their press release says, Monster Truck sounds exactly like you’d expect a band called Monster Truck to sound like. It’s dirty southern rock with a metallic sheen – a sound you’ve heard dozens of times before. Like The Sheepdogs, Monster Truck’s members have the chops to play whatever they want – but they just want to rock your face off. Screw subtlety. All their songs sound very similar, but it’s compulsively listenable because they’re just so fun.

Jon Harvey’s soaring but rough vocals sit comfortably atop the din resembling a young Chris Cornell, as if “Big Dumb Sex” wasn’t meant to be ironic. And speaking of big dumb sex, the lyrics are about as banal as the average teen pop sensation’s. “I’m a hero like Hercules in the bedroom,” Harvey sings on “I Am Freedom.” If that isn’t enough, the band reaches into Dungeons & Dragons territory on the aptly titled “Sworded Beest” – “I’m unstoppable, taste my steel, feel my blade!”

If it’s not abundantly apparent by now, there isn’t much substance on this CD. They won’t win any awards, and they’re not doing anything new. But give them a listen and you won’t care. You’ll be too busy blasting it in your Camaro singing along to every word. Maybe it’s time to grow that ironic mullet you’ve always wanted.

You can get The Brown EP for free on the band’s website. But if you want the track “Sworded Beest,” featuring excellent guest vocals from Alexisonfire’s George Pettit, you’ll need to buy the CD.

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