Animal Farm CD Release Show @ This Ain’t Hollywood

Story & Photography by: Neil Reyes

A CD release show for any band is a big deal, and Animal Farm was clearly aware of the stakes when they played to a packed house at This Ain’t Hollywood. Animal Farm not only influenced a lot of people to pick up The Dove Prism EP, but put on one heck of a live show.

All three acts from the release show put on memorable performances and never let the atmosphere in the bar drop. Opening the night was a new act called Magnetic Love. While it was the band’s first show, their members were veterans of the local scene. They set a high standard for the night’s entertainment, cranking out one hard rocking tune after another. The power trio had the performance chops and engaging stage banter about songwriting that kept the crowd thoroughly entertained.

Even though the evening had just begun, Magnetic Love aimed to raise the bar on their own set, throwing down a cover of “Benny and the Jets”.  The familiar rhythm of the intro of Sir Elton John’s classic tune drew an eruption from the crowd. A friend of the band joined them on-stage on lead vocals and absolutely killed it. It was something special.

From fresh new talent to seasoned veterans of the local scene, Wentworth kept the energy level nice and high. The singer’s powerful vocal range throughout every song and his carefully placed screams made the music more powerful. The combined vocals of the bassist and lead singer pushed their performance to the next level.

A band like Wentworth knows how to work a crowd. In the middle of their set, they threw down a heavy southern rock song, and dressed like bandits. It’s always great to see a band have fun on stage with their songs.

Animal Farm took the stage shortly after midnight. It was their show, their moment. The Dove Prism EP was finally on CD. As the band played songs off their new EP there was something different about their stage show. The band simply did their thing. No gimmicks and nothing fancy. They just played – but for some reason, the combination of the guitars, bass and drums rang through like lightning. The riffs heard on the album were bigger and better live.

The crowd was definitely into it. By mid-set, the crowd had opened up to a mini mosh pit. Big riffs spelt out big fun for a few fans much to the amusement of the band. “You just moshed to a waltz,” Kyle Caldwell noted with a grin as he tuned up between songs.

Overall, the concert was solid from top to bottom. The Dove Prism is worth a listen, but Animal Farm’s live show is a must. Magnetic Love and Wentworth also had fantastic sets. What was interesting about this CD release show is the fact that these were all local Hamilton artists. If this is the future of Hamilton’s rock scene, the future looks pretty great.

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