“It was all a dream” concert @ Club Absinthe

Story by: Nadeem Hanif
Photos by: Jake Herve

On March 29th 2012 Dream Promotionz launched one its first of its series of concerts in the Hamilton area at Club Absinthe. Thursday night’s party included the debut of Hamilton born Rusze and local artist Sammz was announced.

The concert also included Mohawk College Radio student Dj DM AKA Alex Wyatt and DJ Akiin from the Shing Shing Regime. The night was full of energy and excitement. These local DJs prove you don’t have to leave the city to find a good DJ party.

Stratford-born artist Nukky Grissom also showed the city of Hamilton he has a lot to offer the rap game. He wants to show off its positive side. While the performance at Club Absinthe was one night, it may be the first of many to come. Grissom performed his hit, “I Wonder Where You Are”, which kept the crowd and the party in the right mood.

The whole night was a blast, with DKP Clothing and the DreamTeamGirlz keeping everything tight.

To finish the night off, the after party hosted by DJ DM and DJ Akiin brought Hamilton and its rap/hip-hop community well into the morning for a great night of music. 

About dreampromotionz

A positive and hardworking entrepreneur who desires to pursue a career in the media & acting world. Now working under the "Flower House Consulting Group Umbrella that includes Dream Promotionz - a media music and entertainment company. He has earned a college degree in. Previously studied Media/entertainment and Broadcast Television at Mohawk College. Also a manager in the "Flower House Group" company. making a difference in the world is a priority, and wanting to help those in need.
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